London City acclaimed as one of the world’s most stunning airport landings

London City Airport. Copyright LondonNet/PrivateFly/Publicité Ltd 2014

London City Airport has been cited as one of the world’s most stunning airport landings in a new survey of travel experts.

London City was opened in 1987 and last year served 3,379,753 passengers. The 1,500-metre single runway airport is approached along the Thames corridor, with aircraft descending down into the former docklands area in Slivertown. The airport is particularly favoured by business passengers from The City of London and Canary Wharf seeking to avoid the cross-city hike to Heathrow. Recent calls for its closure have been rebuffed.

The poll was conducted by private jet booking service,*.

"The exciting approach into London City offers a bird’s-eye view of one of the world’s most iconic cityscapes" said their CEO Adam Twidell - an experienced pilot himself.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport (LCY), said: "We are naturally very proud of having one of the top 10 most awe-inspiring airport approaches in the world. LCY’s location - just three miles from Canary Wharf and seven miles from the City of London - means that passengers flying in can get an aerial view of their office or the place they’re visiting before they land and complete their journey via the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and the London Underground."

"The landmarks of one of the world’s greatest cities make for a breathtaking view, one which even the most jaded of frequent flyer would struggle to tire of."

Nice Côte D’Azur, France. Copyright LondonNet/PrivateFly/Publicité Ltd 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Nice Côte D’Azur, France

Nice Côte D’Azur airport received the most votes in the poll. The full top ten appears below.

*The PrivateFly Best Airport Approaches 2014 poll was conducted in February and March 2014 and received 4,988 individual votes. A total of 202 different global airports received nominations.

Gibraltar, UK overseas territory. Copyright LondonNet/PrivateFly/Publicité Ltd 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Gibraltar

The world's top 10 stunning landings - 2014
1) Nice Côte D’Azur, France
2) St Maarten, French Caribbean
3) Barra, Scotland, UK
4) Los Angeles LAX, USA
5) Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
6) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
7) Gibraltar, UK overseas territory
8) Squamish, Canada
9) London City, UK
10) Queenstown, New Zealand

Barra, Scotland, UK. Copyright LondonNet/PrivateFly/Publicité Ltd 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Photo: Barra, Scotland, UK

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Copyright LondonNet/PrivateFly/Publicité Ltd 2014. All Rights Reserved

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